Careers Resources
This is a space where teachers can access a range of AMSI’s careers materials – produced with the intent of encouraging students to pursue their studies within mathematics at all levels of their education.


The MATHSADDS website is for students, parents and teachers looking for information about how mathematics relates to career choices.


CHOOSEMATHS has profiled a series of mathematically capable professionals from across Australia, who have all undertaken careers in which an understanding of mathematics is absolutely essential.


Targeted at upper-primary to Year 10 students, teachers and careers councillors, these materials aim to demonstrate to students how maths can enrich any career path.

These materials include the Maths: make your career count website and videos. Through a series of short interviews, students are shown that mathematics is an integral part of every-day working life, be it as a nurse, zoo keeper, sports statistician or chef.

Maths: make your career count is a national campaign produced by the TIMES project and funded by the Australian Government.

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