Careers Videos
AMSI has developed a suite of careers videos for classroom use. These videos helps teachers, students and their parents understand the wide variety of careers involving maths.


Be more than a number

Mathematics is essential to an increasing number of jobs and growing industries, and it is imperative that students are made aware of what these jobs are, and the kind of skills that they employ.

The following videos highlight mathematically capable professionals from across Australia, who have all undertaken careers in which an understanding of mathematics is absolutely essential.

We hope these videos and the accompanying profiles give an understanding of our ambassadors’ various backgrounds, the type of work they perform, and their inspiration along their journey. More importantly, we hope to educate students about the vast amount of jobs which require a mathematical skill base, and encourage them to pursue their studies by giving them inspiring role models to look up to.

Maths: Make your Career Count

Mathematics in careers, careers in mathematics

Developed as part of The Improving Mathematics Education in Schools (TIMES) program, these profiles demonstrate the usefulness of mathematics in a range of careers.

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