Mathematics Videos for the Classroom
AMSI has developed a suite of videos for classroom use. These videos helps teachers, students and their parents understand the uses of maths in daily life.

Maths Delivers

Where does maths play a part in my life?

Four videos which exemplify the wide use of mathematics in the world today. The videos are suitable for all ages. Additional content which is matched to the Year 11 and 12 curriculum is also available for each video.

CSIRO: Understanding Alzheimers Disease

Maths gives us ways to describe and understand our complex and dynamic world, including human health. CSIRO research into Alzheimer’s Disease, which affects over a quarter of a million Australians, is built on maths. Hear CSIRO scientists talk about their research and the maths it’s built on as part of the International Year of the Mathematics of Planet Earth.

Maths: Make your Career Count

Mathematics in careers, careers in mathematics

Developed as part of The Improving Mathematics Education in Schools (TIMES) program, these profiles demonstrate the usefulness of mathematics in a range of careers.