Welcome to MATHSTALK by AMSI Schools – where conversations in maths become part of your professional learning practice!

MATHSTALK brings classroom teachers of Mathematics a series of practice-focused professional learning conversations. Our episodes tackle key concepts, ideas and content in the Mathematics curriculum – and how to teach them effectively. Delivered and hosted by experienced mathematics educators and AMSI Schools Outreach Officers, MATHSTALK combines mathematical content knowledge, pedagogical expertise and practical classroom ‘knowhow’ for maths teaching practitioners from Foundation through to the senior years.

Episode 1:  Multiplicative Thinking 1

Host Marcus Garrett and AMSI Schools Outreach Officer Leanne McMahon discuss the difference between ‘knowing multiplication facts’ and ‘multiplicative thinking’. They chat about the developmental sequence of multiplication-related concepts from the early years through to the middle years in the Australian maths curriculum.

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Episode 2:  Talking Number – Fractional Thinking

Host Marcus Garrett and AMSI Schools Outreach Officer Helen Booth discuss the difficulties that students have with learning fractions and decimals, how this can impact learning and ways to address these.

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