In Addition and Subtraction, Counting, Games and warm-ups, Number and Algebra, Patterns, Whole Numbers

Level: F-2

Learning Objective:
Use fingers to model numbers in different ways

Intended Outcome:
Students ‘trust’ the count and can explain their thinking, i.e. they do not need to count all their fingers to represent the number


  • Teachers names a number, for example, Show me 6
  • Students use their fingers to model the number
  • Teacher asks students to explain how they know they are showing that number
  • Student replies, “I know 5 and 1 makes 6”
  • Teacher prompts students to show the number another way


Ask students to work with a partner (or in a group of 3). Students can now work together to model two-digit numbers or model single-digit numbers using more hands

More detailed instructions and background information about this game are available in the PDF.

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