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Game Objective: To collect the most sticks without getting a Kaboom!

Players: 2 – 6

Materials: Pop sticks/ craft sticks (large preferred)

WALT: Identify the number from the clue on the stick.

WILF: Understanding that numbers can be represented in different ways.


  • Teacher creates a set of Kaboom sticks
  • Some sticks have clues (related to the topic) and some sticks simply have the word ‘Kaboom’
  • Place sticks in a jar so what is written on each stick is hidden
  • Students sit in a circle with the jar of sticks in the middle
  • Student takes turns to choose a stick
  • After choosing a stick the student must identify the number from the clue
  • If the student is correct, they keep the stick, if not the stick is returned to the jar
  • If a student chooses a Kaboom stick they must return all their sticks to the jar
  • Play continues around the circle.

One of the benefits of this game is that the clues on the sticks can vary depending on the topic or ability level of the students. Some ideas could include, numbers, number names, dots, fractions, times or measurements.

Online Version:

Use the spreadsheet below to play an online version of this game.

  • Leader opens the spreadsheet
  • Select the level of challenge
  • Press F9 to randomly generate a fact
  • If the student correctly identifies the fact they score one point
  • Play continues around the group of students
  • If on a student’s turn the word KABOOM appears that student loses all their points
  • Play continues until the leader ends the session
  • The student with the most remaining points is the winner
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