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In the early years of school, all students should have access to a counting chart (number chart).

This will help students to increase their familiarity with the number sequence.

Many commercially available products only go from 0 to 100.

This limits students exposure to larger numbers and may reinforce the belief that the largest number students know is 100.

Instead, the use of a chart that goes up to 120 can help expose students to the idea that the number sequence continues beyond 100.

Teachers can tailor counting charts for the needs of individual students. For example, students who have trouble with reading may need a smaller chart with less numbers or a chart that is more a number strip (or line) rather than an array. Students who are familiar with the numbers from 0 to 100 may benefit from a chart that has a different starting point or goes beyond 120.

The spreadsheet below has been developed so it can be adapted for the different needs of students.

It can also be used as a counting chart for the whole class.

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