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Learning Objective:
Use knowledge of numbers to name the correct number according to the given rule

Intended Outcome:
Fluency with numbers and an understanding of place value, counting and the number sequence

A list of non-consecutive numbers written on the board

Game Objective:
To SEE the number on the board and SAY the correct number according to the given rule


  • This game can be played with a large group.
  • The teacher writes a list of non-consecutive numbers on the board.
  • The teacher identifies the rule, for example, “Say the number that is one more than the numbers in the list.”
  • Using claps to help keep the beat – students together apply the rule to the numbers they SEE and SAY the correct number

For more of a challenge, increase the size of the numbers of the board or use a two-step rule, for example, SAY the number that is double the double of the number, i.e. if the number was 6 then double the double would be 24

More detailed instructions and background information about this game are available in the PDF.

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