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Learning Objective:
Demonstrate understanding of positional language.

Intended Outcome:
Listening and following directions.

Game Objective:
To listen and follow directions.

This game is to be played outside, as a whole class.

  1. Define some boundaries for the playing space.
  2. Teacher calls an instruction, based on positional language, e.g. stand under something, sit beside something red, crawl under something low, stand inside a circle.
  3. Students follow the instructions.
  4. Repeat for as long as you like!

Examples of positional language:
On, under, over, beside, in front of, behind, next to, north of, south of, east of, west of, above, beneath, inside, between, outside.

Examples of conditions:
Something green, blue, red.
Something hard, soft, wet, squishy.

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