In Games and warm-ups

Learning Objective:
Practise problem solving.

Intended Outcome:
Clear explanations of problem solving solutions.


  • Maths Escape template (available in PDF download below)
  • For this game, the teacher will need to prepare nine problem solving questions.

Game Objective:
To solve nine problems to escape the maze.

This game is to be played in small groups.

  1. The nine problem solving questions pre-prepared by the teach can be the same for each group, or different.
  2. Give each group their first question, students work together in their group to solve the problem and write their solution (working and answer) on the Maths Escape page. When they can give a successful solution to Question 1, they receive Question 2.
  3. Questions need to be solved in order. The previous question must be completed before a group can receive the next question.
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