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The focus of this activity is for students demonstrate a systematic approach to trialing and recording possible solutions. Students are encouraged to explain the method they used, compare solutions and prove they have found all the possible solutions.


  • Identify the qualities of a good mathematician
  • Demonstrate the qualities of a good mathematician
  • Explain and record thinking using a systematic approach
  • Identify and explain horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines
  • Use location words to describe directions
  • Recognise and explain shape transformations


Curriculum Connections: NSW SYLLABUS
  • Investigate combinations of translations, reflections and rotations, with and without the use of digital technologies (ACMMG142)


At the end of this lesson students should be able to answer the following questions
  • What is vertical/horizontal/diagonal?
  • Do you think there is more than one method?
  • How can you record your thinking?
  • Is your strategy systematic?
  • Can you prove that you have found all the methods?
  • Can you describe the path you created?
  • Can you explain how different pathways are related, i.e. using knowledge of shape transformations?


For more information, please download the attached lesson plan.

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