In Games and warm-ups, Measurement and Geometry

Learning Objective:
Develop knowledge of location on a grid

Intended Outcome:
Strategy to make effective moves, persistence


  • A blank 10×10
  • A standard 6 sided dice
  • A counter with a star on it and a counter with a moon on it

Game Objective:
For the star to catch the moon

Play in pairs – one player is the star and the other is the moon

  • Each player places their counter on any square on the grid.
  • The star goes first and rolls the dice.  Choose one dice number to move left or right, and the other to move up or down.  e.g. a roll of 3 and 2 could move 3 right, 2 down or 2 left,  3 up or 3 right 2 up etc
  • The moon then rolls and moves their counter.
  • The game ends when the sun lands on top of the moon.  Keep track of how many moves the sun needs to make to catch the moon.
  • Swap players and replay.  Can the new sun catch the moon in less moves than in the first game?

If you roll a number that means you can’t move in any direction, you miss that turn.

Patience may be required!

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