In Games and warm-ups, Measurement and Geometry

Learning Objective:
Create and classify 3D shapes

Intended Outcome:
Identification of edges and vertices of 3D shapes

Matchsticks or toothpicks, small blobs of blutak or marshmallows, or pieces of sticky tape
3D shape building materials (K’nex, Connecta straws, Zometool)

Game Objective:
To create as many different 3D shapes as possible


  • For this game, students need to be organised into small groups
  • Roll the dice and collect that many edges (sticks) OR vertices (blutak). You can only collect one or the other on each throw, not a mixture of both
  • When you have enough edges and vertices, build a 3D shape. You can only build one of each shape (one cube, one tetrahedron, one square based pyramid…….)
  • Score 1 point for each edge and each vertex used in complete shapes and 5 points for each completed shape

Discussion Points:

  • What are the regular polygons?
  • What shapes can you make using the same size edges?
  • Which shape will give you the most points?
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