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Level: Year 2 & Year 3

Author: Anna Bock


This is an open task as it can cater for the needs of many students and can be used over and over to build confidence in representing numbers in different ways. In this activity students have an opportunity to engage with a variety of number ranges and are able to demonstrate their understandings of those numbers in many ways.

Materials: Pencils & paper, counters, blocks etc.

Objective: To represent/show a number in as many ways as possible.


  • A number is chosen, it can be any number, a one digit, two digit or three-digit number depending on the age and interest of the child
  • Using materials students can make the number first as it will help them with their representing it on paper
  • The idea is to represent or show that number in as many ways as possible. Ask students to impress you with everything they know about the number
  • This activity can be used over and over, each day the number changes but the ideas being used by students to represent steadily become more sophisticated
  • Sometimes students get stuck and find they run out of ideas, it’s okay to prompt them to get them thinking of other ways by asking the following questions:Can you:
    • Make your number using materials?
    • Represent it as a number?
    • Represent it in words?
    • Draw a picture of the quantity of the number?
    • Place it on a number line?
    • Record any number facts about the number?
    • Tell me what you know about the number?

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