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Level: Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12

Author: Michael O’Connor


Perfect Squares are produced by squaring a single term. This can be either a number or an expression. When it is an expression we end up with a type of quadratic of the form:



This activity explores the properties of this family of functions and their graphs, known as parabolas.

The unit includes an AMSI Interactive online module, a range of other AMSI Schools and external links and video tutorials and some extension or enrichment ideas to take their understanding further. A short quiz at the end of the AMSI Interactive will help students to test their understanding at the completion of the unit.

If you do not already have a copy of Geogebra on your device, download it here. For PC’s and Macs the Classic 5 is recommended. This software is free and by downloading the prepared files you do not need to worry about internet speeds.


Links and Resources:

  • Factorisation Summary (pdf)
  • Exploring quadratics and parabolas Summary (pdf)
  • Exploring Perfect Squares (video)
  • Exploring Perfect Squares (geogebra applet and web link)
  • Explaining the Am I a Perfect Square applet (video)
  • Am I a Perfect Square (geogebra applet and web link)
  • Exploring the difference of two squares summary (pdf)
  • Exploring the difference of two squares (video)
  • Difference of two squares (geogebra applet and weblink)



Comparing Simple and Compound Interest Overview


3 Exploring perfect Squares video

5 Explaining the Am I a Perfect Square applet video


8 Exploring the Difference fo Two Squares video

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