In Games and warm-ups

Game Objective: To identify the number of objects in the collection

Materials: Two-Colour counters, regular counters or beans

WALT: Recognise the number of objects in a collection

WILF: Fluency with numbers and the ability to recognise and describe a quantity in terms of its parts, e.g., the ability to see 8 in terms of: 4 and 4, or 5 and 3 more, or 2 less than 10, etc


  • Throw a small collection of counters on the floor in front of the students (initially begin with counters that are all the same colour)
  • Without touching the counters, ask students to identify the quantify and explain their thinking, e.g. I see 3 counters and 2 more counters which is 5 counters altogether
  • Encourage the students to use their knowledge of quantities to help them identify the total, i.e. we do not want students to be counting all
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