In Student/Parent Resources, Year 2, Year 3

Level: Year 2 and Year 3

Author: Anna Bock

Description: The focus of this activity is to allow students to continue a number sequence from any starting point. This can be a challenge for some students, by using counters or some materials to create the number sequence prior to recording may help students as they will be able to see what the number pattern looks like.


Materials: Counters, dice, pen, paper or whiteboard and marker


  • Roll one die, this is the starting number
  • Roll the other die that is the interval
  • For example, rolling a six and then a three write 6,9,12,15 etc. for the next ten numbers in the sequence on the paper or whiteboard.
  • Counters can be used to create the number sequences to support with recording.


We want students to:

  • Create number patterns with different starting points and different intervals using
  • Make their pattern using materials
  • Record their pattern using numbers

Notes for parents: This activity allows students to explore a range of number sequences from varying starting points. Using materials supports with identifying what the number sequence looks like. This activity can be repeated many times and will increase children’s confidence with number sequences.

This activity covers the following Australian Curriculum – Mathematics Content:

Year 2

  • Investigate number sequences, initially those increasing and decreasing by twos, threes, fives and tens from any starting point, then moving to other sequences (ACMNA026)

This activity has been modified from Growth Point Activities, Addition & Subtraction Strategies, Catholic Education Melbourne, 2010

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