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Australia 2025: Today’s twelve-year-old students will be our young graduates, entering the workforce with a range of qualifications under their belts. The most popular industries will be environmental and biological security, finance and insurance systems, and economic and scientific modelling.


This Wordle image visualises the most important industries of 2025

This Wordle image visualises the most important industries of 2025


So how will mathematics play a key role in contributing to Australian society in 2025? AMSI’s own Geoff Prince has written an article for the Conversation answering this very question.


As you may have guessed from the above listed industries, biology will be a huge factor. There is currently a huge demand for mathematically capable specialists in biological research fields, yet there are few who currently fulfill such criteria.


Mathematicians will also become increasingly drawn to the field of optimisation, where research-trained individuals will ensure  productivity growth, competitive advantage, and even, in times of crisis, save lives through optimised emergency response measures.   Geoff Prince writes:


Mathematicians’ roles are increasingly important in a world addicted to progress, and they are multidisciplinary in nature – statisticians work with retailers to refine and analyse their loyalty programs and mathematicians work with banks to manage financial risk and with the hospitals to manage emergency ward workflows.


“We make a fundamental contribution to the growth of knowledge based industries and to the smart operation of the natural and primary resource sectors,” he says, though the key to a successful future will also lie in communicating this fact to today’s young students – after all, they will soon be our young graduates.


You can read the full article here


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