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Mathematics is all around us – its in our currency, and our schedules. It can help predict weather patterns and Brownlow medalists. Mathematics powers our clever little smartphones and our even smarter computers. In short, maths is present in everything from galactic space travel to untouched pockets of nature. Yet how do we understand these aspects of mathematics – these invisible elements that are so far removed from the algebraic patterns we typically think of when we talk about mathematics. How do we think of mathematics playing a part in our morning commute, for example, or in our favorite movies?


With a mind to help answer these questions and more, mathematicians Hugo Parlier and Paul Turner have teamed up to write and design Mathema – a new interactive book app, unprecedented in its usability and functionality as a popular science text.


They believe it is possible to get a general idea, as long as one is exposed to real mathematics. It doesn’t have to be very complicated and can most certainly be fun, but it does have to be authentic.


Mathema is one of the first books to truly capitalize on the heightened usability of touch-screen technology, and has been designed to guide readers through a series of mathematical concepts and experiences with the help of interactive videos, animated texts and images, games, videos, and more. Mathema utilizes this technology in order to promote active learning, and to help readers achieve a new understanding of the everyday – and the not-quite-so-everyday – concepts of maths. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the app; just a passion for learning and a healthy curiosity about the world around you.


Mathema is written for adults and teenagers who possess a motivation to understand genuine mathematics and its applications. It can be used by high school and university students, readers of popular science, educators, and anyone simply curious about the topic of mathematics.


By showing its position as a meeting place between logical thought and creativity, Mathema provides insight into the hidden side of a fascinating subject.


Both Hugo Parlier and Paul Turner are mathematicians working in Switzerland at the universities Fribourg and Geneva. They are both experienced educators and authors, and have partnered with Tombooks to create their latest publication.


For  a demonstration of Mathema in action, watch the YouTube video below.


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