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First it was an app-book, and now its an app-adventure.

MAV have designed a new app for students and teachers (and indeed, all intrepid devotees of mathematics) which leads the user through Melbourne city on a tour that showcases mathematics in an engaging and meaningful way.

[Made by Maths] is aimed at students and teachers to connect mathematical classroom learning with real world mathematics. Key mathematical terms are explained and explored through engaging and supportive graphics. The ability to take in-app photos of your journey and complete “Things to Do” challenges further enhances this learning experience.

The app will show how mathematics was used (and can still be seen) in the creation of key landmarks, structures and archetype – from the triangular tessellation of Federation Square to the soaring conical glass ceiling of Melbourne Central.

Students can take in-app photos and complete activities to complement the physical adventure and enhance their learning experience.

The free app also features historical and mathematical information; videos, graphics and text that supports mathematical concepts; incorporates a ‘Things to Do’ section for each mathematical walk and landmark; photo journal – create one for your personal experience; and all data collected by the App will be available to view at

See more information at the Made by Maths MAV website. 

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