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All students of all year levels are invited to participate in the Numerical Acumen Challenge, which is now open for entry.

The Challenge invites students to master their mental calculation strategies between 2 March and 28 June, by progressing through a series of units and difficulty levels.

Each level and unit is supported by an online game, which consists of a number of stages which test the students understanding of the topic. The game encourages students to progress through a set of questions and goals per level, all within a set time limit. Lives and points can be won and lost, and bronze, silver, gold or platinum awards are awarded for completing certain levels.

The levels are sorted by:

  1. Starting Out
  2. Moving On
  3. No Pain No Gain
  4. I Have No Fear

And the units offered are:

  1. Addition: Doubling
  2. Additional: Near Doubles
  3. Addition: Hop to Ten
  4. Multiplication: Two, three, five and ten.

To take part in the challenge, head to to find out more and sign up. Teachers can also determine whether their school is eligible for free participation and purchase a teacher account.

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