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Learning Objective:
Adding place values, ensuring values are lined up correctly and using partitioning to add to a target number.

Intended Outcome:
Effective use of place value.


  • Place value chart for each player
  • Ten-sided dice

Game Objective:
To be first to total the target number.

This game is to be played in pairs or small groups.

  1. Decide a target number which everyone aims to reach, e.g. 459.
  2. Player rolls the dice and decides which place value column they are going to place that number in (e.g. if a 2 is rolled and they decide to place it in the Hundreds column, it becomes 200).
  3. The player then decides whether to add or subtract that number on their chart.
  4. Players take it in turns to roll and add to their own place value chart.
  5. Play continues until one player reaches the target number. (Example in PDF download below.)


  • Start at a given number and subtract to reach zero.
  • Instead of only using addition and subtraction, use ‘BODMAS’ to reach the target number.
  • Hint: Use MAB or calculators to assist calculations.
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