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Learning Objective:
Adding ‘make ten’ numbers.

Intended Outcome:
Automatic recall of tens number facts (‘friends of ten’).


  • Pack of cards

Game Objective:
To collect the most cards by adding pairs which equal 10.

This game is to be played in pairs or small groups.

  1. Lay out 16 cards face up.
  2. Players take turns to find and collect a pair of cards that add to 10.
  3. Replace cards taken with cards from the deck.
  4. Continue playing until all possible ‘friends of ten’ have been picked up.
  5. Winner is the player who has collected the most 10s (or the most cards in total).


  • Change the number that the players aim to make e.g. make ‘friends of 17’.
  • Different players in the same game could have different totals to make, e.g. Player 1 aims to make ‘friends of 15’ while Player 2 aims to make ‘friends of 9’.
  • Collect 3 cards rather than card pairs to total your number.
  • Lay out 25 cards and use ‘BODMAS’ and up to 4 cards to find two digit numbers.
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