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War is usually played with a pack of cards (e.g. This version can be played with dominoes.

Learning Objective:
Compare fraction values.

Intended Outcome:
Accurate identification of the larger fraction.


  • Sets of dominoes

Game Objective:
To collect the most dominoes.

This game should be played in pairs, with a set of dominoes for each pair.

  1. Share all the dominoes between the two players, placing them face down.
  2. Each player must choose one of their dominoes and place it face up in the centre.
  3. Compare both dominoes as a fraction, with the lower number as the numerator and the higher number as the denominator, e.g.
  4. The player with the higher value fraction keeps both dominoes.
  5. If the fractions are equivalent, each player chooses another domino to place in the centre. The player with the higher value fraction takes all the dominoes in the centre.
  6. Continue playing the game until one player owns all the dominoes. This player wins the game.


Instead of playing the game until one player owns all the dominoes, apply a time limit to the game. At the end of the time limit, the player with the most dominoes wins.

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