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Learning Objective:
Adding single digit numbers

Intended Outcome:
Accurate and fluent single digit addition


  • A 5×5 grid for each player
  • A 6 sided standard dice

Game Objective:
To make a trail across the grid, that makes the highest score

This game is best modelled with the whole class before playing independently

Play in pairs or small groups.

  • Each player fills out their own grid with numbers from 1-6. To be fair you can’t have more than 5 of any one number
  • The aim is draw a trail across their grid. Players must start at the lower left corner and must exit at the top right hand corner
  • To start the player has to roll the number that is in the lower left corner of their grid
  • Players take turns to roll the dice and move if they can – the further they get into the grid the more moves become available. If you can’t move you miss that turn
  • Keep a running total of the trail on a separate piece of paper
  • The game is over when one player has completed their trail across the grid. Whoever goes out first gets a bonus 5 points
  • When the game is over all players score the total of their own trail, whoever has the highest total wins

Note: it may not necessarily be the first player who completes the trail who has the highest score and wins (although the bonus 5 points may help).

After playing a game or two you may get more strategic about where you place your numbers.

Local rules: Decide if you are allowed to cross your own trail or go back to a number you have already been on or not.

You can go from any corner to any other corner

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