In Games and warm-ups, Number and Algebra

Learning Objective:
Using the four processes to make a target number

Intended Outcome:
Flexibility and fluency in using number processes


  • Playing Cards

Game Objective:
To get the highest score


  • Play in pairs or small groups
  • Players take it in turns to draw three cards to start
  • Arrange your cards to choose a target number and use the remainder of your cards to create a number sentence to reach the target number. The target number could be a single digit number or could be made using two cards (eg 2 and 5 could be 25 or 52)
  • If you can’t make a number sentence to match a target number, on your next turn you can draw one more card, and rearrange your cards again. You do NOT have to keep the same target number
  • When you can arrange your cards to make a target number and number sentence you score whatever the target number is you made. Then on your next turn draw three new cards to start a new set
  • You must use all your cards when making the target number and number sentence
  • If you get to six cards and can’t make a target number, return your cards to the bottom of the deck and draw three new cards

The game ends after a predetermined time.

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