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Learning Objective:
Use strategy to stay in the game

Intended Outcome:
Fluent counting, use of strategy to stay in

Game Objective:
To be the last person standing


  • All the players stand in a circle
  • Players take it in turns to count. Each player can choose if they count 1, 2 or 3 numbers e.g. player one might count 1,2, player two counts 3,4,5, player three counts 6, etc
  • The player who counts the number 21 is out and sits down
  • Continue until there is only one person left

Once you are down to two people there is a way you can ensure you win.  Can you work it out?

Play to 31, or whatever number you choose
Count using skip counting rather than single digit counting


This game was created by Year 4 students at Baynton West Primary School, Karratha.

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