In Games and warm-ups, Number and Algebra

Learning Objective:
Times tables facts and running total addition

Intended Outcome:
Accurate and fluent multiplication, accurate running total addition


  • A pack of cards

Game Objective:
To gain the highest total


  • This game is played in pairs (or threes)
  • Divide the cards between the two players. Players take turns to call the answer
  • Both players turn over their top card at the same time
  • The player whose turn it is multiplies the two cards and calls the answer
  • The other player silently counts 1 hippopotamus, 2 hippopotamus, 3 hippopotamus and if the other player hasn’t answered yet, they can call the correct answer and steal the score
  • Place used cards in a dump pile
  • Players keep a running total of the multiplications they answer correctly. (Record the algorithm and answer)
  • The winner is the player with the highest total of the answers of the multiplications they gave

Players could add instead of multiplying the cards
Players could play in threes and multiply all three cards

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