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Learning Objective:
Adding single digit numbers

Intended Outcome:
Accurate and fluent single digit addition


  • Large number cards 0-9 or enough for one card per person

Game Objective:
To find a partner(s) to total a given number


  • Give each player a number card, and remind them to hold it where it can be seen. Players spread around in a given space
  • Caller calls a “target” number
  • Players find a partner (or partners) so that their combined numbers total the target number
  • Player need to sit down or move aside when they have found their partner(s), so others can see the available numbers
  • Any numbers that haven’t found a partner can move to the front and the class can help find any combinations that can use these numbers. (you could also have a discussion about what numbers we would need to have in order for everyone to have a partner)
  • Repeat as many times as you like
  • Every few turns get the players to swap number cards so they have to think differently

To increase the difficulty allow/encourage students to use any operations to total their number
Instead of calling a target number, call a goal e.g. a number bigger than 13, an odd number, a number between 8 and 12, a number smaller than 5

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