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Learning Objective:
Work together to create a pattern

Intended Outcome:
Cooperation; A pattern that extents in two dimensions


  • A 5×5 grid
  • Counters – 6 lots of 4 colours

Game Objective:
To work together to create a coloured pattern on a 5×5 grid.  There is no winner in this game, because you work together


  • For this game, students are organised in pairs. Each person has 3 of each colour counter
  • First player places one of their counters on any square on the grid
  • Players take it in turns to place a counter on the grid making sure that the pattern is continued
  • If you want to score you can score by counting the total number of counters used, by both players, to create the pattern. Compare your score to another pair or to your next game

Change the size and shape of the grid and the number of counters players use.

Is it possible to have one player using two of the colours and the other player having the other two colours and still make the game work?

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