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The focus of this activity is to find out what students know about addition and what are some of the different strategies students are able to use and explain. Do students prefer to use equations or do students rely more on empty number lines?


  • Explain and provide examples of addition
  • Solve addition problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies
  • Use symbols to record the method used to solve the problem
  • Explain the strategy used to solve the problem
  • Recognise which strategy is more efficient and why
  • Recall number facts, including doubling and tens facts, and use these to solve addition problems
  • Partition numbers in a variety of ways and use this to solve addition problems
  • Record thinking using equations or an empty number line


Curriculum Connections
NSW Syllabus Mathematics K-10 – Stage 1.2:  Addition and Subtraction 2
  • Explore the connection between addition and subtraction (ACMNA029)
  • Solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies(ACMNA030)


At the end of this lesson students should be able to answer the following questions
  • What is addition? What are different addition strategies?
  • How are these strategies used?
  • How do we partition numbers? How can this help us?
  • What is an empty number line? How can this be used to solve problems?
  • Is there another way you can solve this problem?
  • How can you show your thinking?
  • Which equation is more efficient and why?


For more information, please download the attached lesson plan.

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