In Games and warm-ups, Number and Algebra

Level: F-2

Materials: Nil

WALT: Use our knowledge of different counting patterns to create a series of repeating actions

WILF: Understanding that the actions, like the counting pattern, will repeat and that this can help us recall the number sequence

Game Objective: To use actions and the volume of our voice to demonstrate a given counting pattern


  • Develop a series of simple actions for a given counting pattern
  • For example, for counting forwards by threes from 0, the students may place their right hand on their right shoulder for 1, their left hand on their left shoulder for 2, then for 3 place both hands up in the air
  • At the same time as the actions, students whisper the number 1, whisper the number 2, then say the number 3 loudly
  • This pattern of actions and is whispering is repeated, with only the multiples of 3 being said at a loud volume

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