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Author: Cassandra Lowry


Estimation is one of the key areas in maths and yet it is often one that we take for granted. It can help us to quickly find approximate answers to problems that often will suffice. For example, if I needed to arrive at work before 9 o’clock and I estimated that it would take me 20 minutes to travel there, leaving my house at half past 8 should mean that I do not arrive late.

Estimation can also help us to check the reasonableness of our solutions. For example, if we are adding three numbers less than 100, we know that our solution cannot be more than 300. This knowledge can help us to notice simple calculation errors.

Even though we do not often say the word (I estimate that…), we use estimation to complete a range of daily tasks, from preparing food to driving our car.

More information about estimation can be found in the document below.

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