In Supporting your Child

Age Range: F-4

Author: Cassandra Lowry


There are several maths investigations that can take place just outside your front door. To help your child recognise the maths, ask your child what they notice and why they think that might be happening. This process can often lead to even more investigations.

  • Go for a number walk in your local area – look for numbers on street signs, house numbers and shop fronts
  • If you see a number think about: What number comes before or after? What is ten more or less than the number? What else do you know about the number?
  • Go to a local park – use location words to describe the position of the different objects
  • Buy some large chalk and use it to create your own maths challenges, pathways or games
  • Take some sporting equipment outside – investigate how far can you kick a ball, throw a ball, hit a ball with a bat or throw a frisbee

More information about possible maths investigations that can take place outside can be found in the document below

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