In Supporting your Child

Age Range: F-6

Author: Cassandra Lowry


Toys and games are a great way to investigate different areas of mathematics with your child. You do not need to purchase special toys or games that have a specific maths focus, instead you may just simply need to look at some of the toys  and games you already have from a different perspective.

  • Estimate then count the number of toys in the box
  • Use blocks to create different representations of numbers – How many ways can I show 10 using blocks?
  • Make a racetrack and predict which car will come first, second, etc.
  • Use location words to describe the position of toys
  • Play board games such as Snakes and Ladders and allow players to decide whether to move forwards or backwards each time they roll, i.e. to avoid a snake or reach a ladder
  • Use playing cards or dominoes to look for or create number patterns
  • Build towers or paths with cards or dominoes – How many cards/dominoes did you use? How high was the tower? How long was the path?
  • Compare statistics on collectible cards

More information about possible maths investigations that involve toys and games can be found in the document below.

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