In Supporting your Child
Age Range: F-2

Author: Marcus Garret


Play is not just something that children do for fun. Play is in fact a great way for students to discover early concepts in maths.

Here are 5 ways to explore maths concepts through play:

  1. Play with blocks (such as Lego) and create your own designs – discuss which block will be needed to complete the build
  2. Play board games or card games and talk about the numbers – what do I need to roll to win the game or which card do I need to win?
  3. Play barrier games (use a large book as a screen between you) where one person draws something (or makes an object) and then must give instructions so the other person can draw or create the same thing – the focus is on given directions
  4. Share a device – rather than letting your child play a game alone on a device find a game or puzzle that can be done together and discuss strategies
  5. Teach your child a game that you loved to play as a child – once they have mastered your game ask your child to teach you a new game.

For more ideas about ways to use play to explore ideas in maths check out the resources below.

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