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Age Range: All

Author: Cassandra Lowry


Shopping (like cooking) is probably the most recognisable activity that is linked with mathematics. Going to the shop is not just an opportunity to look at prices or estimate the cost of the grocery bill. There are several other activities that can lead to investigations in maths, including:

  • Calculating how many of an item you will need, for example, how many lamb cutlets should we buy so we have enough for dinner?
  • Using the scales in the grocery department to compare the mass of different fruits and vegetables
  • Comparing the cost of different items – What is the best value purchase?

As part of the shopping experience, particular with the current ‘tap and go’ trend, it is important to ensure that your child develops a good understanding of money, including the physical coins and notes.

  • Talk to children about the different coins and notes we have in Australia
  • Encourage children to collect coins in a Money Box and save up for something they may want to purchase
  • Put the coins in order (amount NOT size) and use the coins and notes to make different amounts

More examples of  how maths can be found at the shops can be found in the document below.

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