In Number and Algebra, Units of Work

This task addresses some of the burning questions most teenagers have: “How much will I earn when I leave school?” and “How much will it cost to buy a car?”, along with some of the more essential questions young people forget to ask… such as “How much will I be taxed?”, “How much will it cost to borrow money?”

This alternate assessment task in Financial Mathematics has been developed for Year 10 students, or for Year 9 at challenge level. It is mapped against the Australian Curriculum (Mathematics) and the NSW Mathematics Syllabus (Stage 5.1 & 5.2) and it includes a marking rubric and a teacher’s marking calculator (in Microsoft Excel format) with which to generate marking responses based on selected student variables.

Concepts covered include calculating gross and net wages before and after tax; operating and solving problems using simple and compound interest; and making valid comparisons between total accumulated costs and the initial (principal) amounts of money borrowed or invested.

The Task Workbook (including curriculum outcomes and marking rubric) can be downloaded here.

The Teacher Marking Calculator can be downloaded here.


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