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When was the last time you planned a special event? Have you ever stopped to think about just how much mathematics is involved?

This investigative project gives your students the experience of being a professional ‘event planner’, by organising a special event such as a wedding reception, farewell or special birthday party.

Students are asked to prepare a comprehensive plan that outlines a floor and seating plan, a fully costed menu, a monetary quote and even a timed playlist and event programme.

It provides teachers and learners the opportunity to integrate the use of digital technologies such as spreadsheets and digital calendars into problem solving and mathematical thinking.

This downloadable lesson resource is designed for teachers and students in Years 5 and 6. It is mapped against Australian Curriculum (Mathematics), with an emphasis on problem solving within operations with whole numbers, time and financial mathematics.

The task comes with a comprehensive grading rubric to assist teachers who wish to use the project for formal assessment purposes.

This task was developed in consultation with Greta Public School (NSW), a CHOOSEMATHS Schools Outreach partner school.

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